Dort By Phone

Dort By Phone is our free, easy-to-use, voice or telephone keypad activated banking system that lets you conduct financial business when and where you want.

Do it all with Dort By Phone   

    • Check account balances and transfer funds
    • Obtain account history
    • Stop payment of a check
    • Reorder checks
    • Withdrawal check
    • Deactivate a lost or stolen card
    • Obtain Branch or ATM information
    • Change your PIN
    • Connect with a Dort Financial representative
  • Process cash advances on your EZLOC, HELOC, or Dort Financial VISA                                           

Here’s all you need:

    • A touch-tone phone
    • Dort by Phone’s phone number: 810.600.4093 or 866.388.7336
    • Your Dort Financial member number (shown on your statement or membership card)
  • Your Personal Identification Number (PIN)*