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Frequently Asked Questions: Charter Conversion

Throughout our 69 years, members have recommended us to their coworkers, neighbors, and friends, creating consistent growth for the Credit Union. Our members have also experienced life events that have taken them to live, work, and go to school in new communities. Over 12,000 current members now live outside of our service area, including nearby communities like Holly, Clarkston, and Hartland. These same members recommend us to their friends and neighbors, but they are unable to join and receive the same great service and member experience due to limitations by our federal charter.

The decision to pursue the change to a state charter was made after careful consideration. A state charter conversion will ensure we can maintain consistent growth for the future. It allows us to keep our focus on our members’ long-term financial health, and we can meet our members where they are. We’re excited about the path ahead and the new communities we will be able to serve, and we appreciate your support! To view a printable PDF of the FAQs click here.

Q: When will the name change take effect?
A: Dort Federal Credit Union will officially change names to Dort Financial Credit Union on January 1, 2020.

Q: What will change with the new name?
A: Only our logo and name will change. You will begin to see interior and exterior branch signage changes, along with stationery and marketing changes that feature the new Credit Union name.

Q: Why is the Credit Union changing its charter?
A: As a federally chartered credit union we can only allow membership to persons that live, work, attend school or worship in Genesee, Lapeer, or Shiawassee County, or Deerfield and Tyrone Townships in Livingston County. As a Michigan state-chartered credit union we can allow membership to anyone in the State of Michigan.

Q: Who is eligible to join the Credit Union once the charter conversion is effective?
A: As a Michigan state-chartered credit union we can allow membership to anyone who lives, works, worships, or attends school in the State of Michigan.

Q: Will the Credit Union’s insurance change?
A: No, all deposit accounts will continue to be federally insured by the NCUA’s National Credit Union Insurance Fund.

Q: Will my account number(s) change? Do I need a new membership card?
A: No, your account number(s) will stay the same and your membership card with your account number will remain valid.

Q: Will my credit card still work?
A: Yes, your credit card will still work, and you will not need to obtain a new card.

Q: Will I have to change my checks?
A: No, your checks will not change, and you will not need to obtain new checks as a result of the conversion.

Q: What about my Debit Card or ATM card, will it still work?
A: Yes, those cards will also still work, and you will not need to do anything as a result of the conversion.

Q: If I have automatic payments taken from my account or receive direct deposit, will I need to do anything?
A: No, everything will stay the same. Our routing and transit number will not change, and your account number will not change.

Q: Will the Credit Union’s contact information change?
A: No, all phone numbers, physical addresses, and email addresses will remain the same. The website address will also remain the same.

Q: Will the same people be at the branches?
A: Yes. All the employees that you have been accustomed to working with will be here, ready and happy to meet your financial needs.

Q: Will the telephone number stay the same?
A: Yes, all of our numbers will stay the same.

Q: Will the hours be changing?
A: No, our lobby and drive thru hours will continue to be the same.

Q: Since the Credit Union will be state chartered, will you be serving the new state medical or recreational marijuana dispensaries?
A: No, we do not have plans to serve this type of business at this current time.