TurboTax for Online Banking

TurboTax is now available at Dort Financial.

Getting your guaranteed biggest refund with TurboTax® is now easier than ever – it’s right inside Dort Online Banking. TurboTax works like a GPS, giving you step by step guidance to your maximum refund, guaranteed. TurboTax even has help designed specifically for first-time users.

TurboTax does the hard work for you:

  • Guarantees its calculations are 100% accurate, or TurboTax will pay you any IRS penalties plus interest
  • Double checks your return every step of the way to help you get the deductions and credits you deserve
  • Saves you time by bringing in information right from your Dort Financial account

Just login to Dort Online Banking and click on the “My TurboTax” link under the “Manage Money” tab to get started, or log in here.