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Few financial institutions can match the loan rates, options, and conveniences enjoyed by members of Dort Financial Credit Union. You’ll find affordable rates, convenient payment options, and the quality customer service renowned for generations. When you borrow from Dort Financial, you get great loan features and benefits, too, and the application process is simple. Loan services include:  

    • Signature (unsecured)

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Payment Options

Take advantage of Direct Deposit Options, and our Transfer Payment Program. With these convenient services, you’ll never have to worry about making payments on time – the funds are automatically transferred from your account each month.

Apply online any time, any day, or call one of our Loan Specialists at 810.767.8390 (toll free at 1.800.521.3796.) 

You can also skip a loan payment once every 12 months on any type of loan except a mortgage, home equity loan, or home equity line of credit. To skip a payment, please stop by one of our offices to fill out a form or call us and we’ll mail it to you and you can mail it back.

[Note: Loans that are delinquent cannot be postponed. Finance charges will continue to accrue on unpaid balances during the skipped period. The fee to skip a loan payment is $20.]

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    Dort Financial Credit Union offers a variety of lending programs. For the most current rates please visit our Loan Rates page.