See DortCredit Apply Now icon/link to apply below.

  • Funds financed in the DortCredit Point of Sale Financing loan channel are solely for the purpose of buying goods and services with the Provider enrolled and you are working with.
  • Debt Consolidation Loans are not permitted in this loan channel.  If considering a 2nd loan for a Debt Consolidation, you should call Dort FCU’s Call Center at 1 (800) 521-3796 or visit a branch.
  • Real Estate Loans are not permitted in this loan channel.  If the applicant does not qualify for an unsecured loan through the DortCredit Point of Sale Loan channel and desires a HELOC, Home Equity Loan, or Mortgage refinance to purchase needed products and services from the Provider, please call 1-888-837-4317 and you will be routed to the appropriate Dort FCU staff member.
  • The loan request amount should be equal to or more than the amount the applicant intends to use to purchase goods and services from the Provider they are working with.
  • Under the Credit Card Option, the applicant should request a higher amount/limit if they would like to be approved for more availability and purchasing power to purchase elsewhere. This is a shop all around town DortCredit VISA Platinum No Reward card, and it does not have to be limited to your initial/original purchase with the Provider.
  • Applicants can always decide to borrow less than what they are approved for.
  • If the amount requested is too high to qualify, Dort FCU will counter it lower so that the applicant knows what amount they qualify for with Dort FCU.
  • If the applicant is approved, and the applicant accepts, the applicant will be notified of any loan stipulations and any requirements needed to close.

DortCredit Apply Now

Applying for DortCredit Point of Sale Financing only takes a few minutes and you’ll get a credit decision almost immediately.

To find a local DortCredit Provider:

  • Click the gray Advanced icon
  • Enter your Zipcode
  • Select mile range in Miles dropdown

DortCredit Point of Sale Financing offers the following loan options:

  • Installment Loans – with fixed rates, fixed terms and fixed monthly payments.*
  • Dort Federal Credit Union Platinum Visa Card – beyond the original purchase at your provider, use this card anywhere that accepts Visa.
  • You may even qualify for a 0% rate for 12 or 24 months!**

Get your Pre-Approval Today! – If you should chose to apply with an enrolled Provider, you will be contacted by the Provider you applied with. The Provider will discuss the Dort FCU credit decision with you. The sales process with the Provider will start and you can then decide if the DortCredit loan is right for you and your financing needs. Any changes needed to your original application, loan amount, or loan term can easily be made by the Provider and a revised Dort FCU credit decision can quickly be made, so you know you have the financing approved and in place before making your final purchase decision. By applying, you are in no obligation to accept any loan you might be approved for.

If you don’t find a Provider on the enrolled DortCredit Find A Provider List below that you would like to use for products and services, and you would like the product or service provider to offer DortCredit financing options to consumers just like you; please contact us at  810-244-2603 Direct, or DortCredit@dortfcu.org Please let us know which Provider(s) you would like to see offer DortCredit Point of Sale Financing. We will reach out to them to let them know more about DortCredit and how it can benefit their business and their customer base. If they enroll, you too can benefit from the same great consumer loans offered through DortCredit.


Point of Sale Financing Powered by Dort Federal Credit Union

* Subject to credit approval. See providers for details.

** Subject to approved excess availability and those who qualify for the 0%
Incentive Offer. Some providers may not offer 0% Incentive Loans. Be sure to ask
your provider what options they offer through DortCredit Point of Sale Financing.