DortCredit Providers

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  • Funds financed in the DortCredit Point of Sale Financing loan channel are solely for the purpose of buying goods and services with the Provider enrolled and you are working with.
  • Under the Credit Card Option, the applicant should request a higher amount/limit if they would like to be approved for more availability and purchasing power to purchase elsewhere. This is a shop all around town DortCredit VISA Platinum No Reward card, and it does not have to be limited to your initial/original purchase with the Provider.

DortCredit Apply Now

Applying for DortCredit Point of Sale Financing only takes a few minutes and you’ll get a credit decision almost immediately.

DortCredit Point of Sale Financing offers the following loan options:

  • Installment Loans – with fixed rates, fixed terms and fixed monthly payments.*
  • Dort Federal Credit Union Platinum Visa Card – beyond the original purchase at your provider, use this card anywhere that accepts Visa.
  • You may even qualify for a 0% rate for 12 or 24 months!**

Get your Pre-Approval Today! – After applying you will be contacted by the enrolled Provider to complete the process.  You are under no obligation to accept any loan, if approved.

Please let us know which Provider(s) you would like to see offer DortCredit Point of Sale Financing, and we will reach out to them. You may contact us at  810-244-2603, or DortCredit@dortfcu.org  with your suggestions. If they enroll, you too can benefit from the same great consumer loans offered through DortCredit.


* Subject to credit approval. See providers for details.

** Subject to approved excess availability and those who qualify for the 0%
Incentive Offer. Some providers may not offer 0% Incentive Loans. Be sure to ask your provider what options they offer through DortCredit Point of Sale Financing.