Bill Payer


Why bother with writing checks, stuffing envelopes and finding stamps if you don’t have to?

Dort Federal’s Bill Payer service lets you pay bills easily, quickly and always on time, right over the Internet – it’s a convenience you’ll grow to love and appreciate.

You’re Always in Charge

  • Pay your bills from a single, easy to use site
  • Control which bills get paid and when, to help you avoid late fees
  • View your bills right inside Bill Payer
  • Expedited electronic payments – for a $5 fee you can send same day or next day payments to select payees
  • Arrange email alerts for bill arrivals, due dates, and upcoming payments
  • Schedule automatic recurring payment rules for each payee
  • Run payment reports and create custom reports

Get started now by logging into Online Banking, clicking on the ‘Bill Payer’ button, and then clicking on the ‘Click here to sign up for Bill Payment’ link.

Bill Payment Disclosure