AMP Certificate

Dort Federal’s AMP Certificate Makes a Great Holiday Gift!

What are your savings goals? Do you need money for a spring break trip, down payment for a car, or new technology? Plug in and turn up your savings with Dort Federal’s AMP Certificate. Get a 3–60 month certificate that you can add money to as you go. $100 gets you started!

Earn Up To 2.85% APY*

Learn more today by visiting a Dort Federal Credit Union branch or call 800.521.3796.

TermMinimum BalanceRate APY*
3 Months – 1 Years$1002.03%2.05%
13 Months – 2 Years$1002.23%2.25%
25 Months – 3 Years$1002.43%2.45%
37 Months – 4 Years$1002.62%2.65%
49 Months – 5 Years$1002.82%2.85%

*Annual Percentage Yield advertised is for a 60-month term. AMP Certificate offers terms INSURED BY from 3 to 60 months with current APY’s ranging between 1.05% and 2.85% based on selected term. Rates are subject to change. Minimum balance of $100 is required to open with a $50,000 maximum deposit limit. Deposits may be made to the certificate up to the $50,000 maximum deposit limit throughout the term. Available for a limited time only. Certificates may be subject to penalty for early withdrawal.