Member Appreciation Movie Day

You Speak. We Listen. Change Happens.

Here at Dort Federal Credit Union our members are always our number one priority. Every decision we make is member inspired, and member feedback inspires our innovation. When you speak, we listen and change takes place. Based on your feedback, several improvements are in place to enhance your Member Appreciation Movie Day experience.
The main concerns from the 2018 Member Appreciation Day were the long wait times and the line being outside in unpredictable weather. We are improving the event three different ways: we will have 3X as many computers as last year, which should help reduce the line significantly. The line will begin to form inside of the main lobby and will wrap around the concourse in the main arena. We also have extended the event times.
The children’s area, activities, and snacks will all take place on the floor of the main arena. Elevator access will be available or you will be able to access the floor from the main arena concourse. We are looking forward to a successful Movie Day in 2019. Please follow Dort Federal Credit Union on Facebook for updates and announcements

Join Us For Member Appreciation Movie Day On Monday, August 5th!

We will host our 15th Annual Member Appreciation Movie Day on August 5th, from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM at the Dort Federal Credit Union Event Center.

The event will feature free concessions, meet and greets with princesses and superheroes, and a kid’s play area. Members can receive up to four (4) vouchers per member for later use at any NCG Cinemas theater* and four (4) Flint Firebirds Hockey vouchers for use during 2019 home games.*

Dort Federal team members working for Member Appreciation Movie Day

*Dort Federal Credit Union members must provide proof of membership at the Annual Member Appreciation Movie Day on Monday, August 5th to receive 4 vouchers per member.

*Members may receive up to 4 vouchers when they attend. “Member” is equivalent to one individual. Business Accounts may only receive 4 vouchers.